Sunday, January 1, 2017

True Colors

     In times of violence, there is a need for coming together as community and speak up. It is our given right. But you cannot fight fire with fire. Dear Mother Theresa put it in simple, YET remarkable words: "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."

I have been mentally disconnected from social media platforms because of the political discussions everywhere. I did not express any of my sentiments online -mind you I am gay, Mexican, and with my legal status in jeopardy.
I am not going to justify my actions. I am not going to explain myself. Regardless the implications of my silence or the few words I've spoken. Am I scared to be deported? Ha, give me a few minutes to laugh. Am I a coward for keeping quiet? It is your given right to think as you will. Am I on the wrong side of history in the making? No, I am right in the middle. Not neutral, but angry at both sides going back and forth. Sure, you may say that my stance doesn't do any good, but neither does violence, petty online arguments, or blaming others. If anything at all, I am hurt to see people ending long-time friendships, divided by hatred, one way or another. If I must disclose my convictions, then I'll say I am  disappointed to see the true colors of humanity.

                                                                      And that being said...
Hello, my name is Adrian (in case you ran into this blog by mistake, or you were referred here). As I had written in past posts, I have created this blog to put myself outside of my comfort zone and try things that I normally would not do. Rejection, fear, and ridicule have factored in making my anxiety and social skills a living nightmare. I am an extrovert trapped in a box I built throughout the years and now the walls are too thick to break down; but I have taken bigger steps and there is so much more to accomplish. So please join me in this journey of self-discovery as I share with you everything that I plan to do, the experience itself, and what I learn from it. Don't be upset if I fail to come through in certain situations; believe me that I will try my best and go for it, but some times it's strenuous to take a step. I may sound over-dramatic, but unfortunately, that's exactly how it feels. Anyhow, I am here to spread joy and hope. I am here to help others in any way I can, while doing so, I help myself. Remember, "be the change you want to see in the world."

Now, just a little taste of what my old posts were about, here I leave you with Adam's story and his struggle with anxiety. As well as Fatima's road to success.
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[...Relax. Take it Easy.]

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