Friday, January 6, 2017

You and I are living in Parallel Realities...

...The past, the present, and the future: which one do you live in?

I have come to realize, or I have finally accepted, that my mind is always floating around the future -- what I want to become, how I want to be remembered, the things I want for my family-- which is healthy in a way. Envision is a powerful thing. However, we gotta stay grounded in the present and do something NOW to achieve those goals. But I skip that part...
and I am left with the bitter taste of regret also known as the Past. Not a good feeling.

Procrastination is my #1 enemy. Everyone around me knows I'm always running late. It is not funny; it puts them in a bad mood, it's unprofessional, and more than anything, I only end up hurting myself. 

As you can see on the pictures above, I have been making lists for years. Encouragement notes to motivate myself. Pictures of celebrities and beautiful men to keep me engaged, but nothing! Ha. In a serious note, I have watched and listened to several vlogs and podcasts on productivity to help me find the best tool to help me get back on my grind because this 'writer's block' excuse is not longer cute, and they all agree on the fact that motivation is an illusion, a mind trick. It's all about DISCIPLINE. You must force yourself to do what you know must be done. In my case, as Paulo Coelho says, "I don' sit in my apartment thinking I WANT TO BE A SUCCESSFUL WRITER. People have to read my book," and in order for that to happen I have to have a book for people to read. I have to put the effort, the work, the hours. We cannot expect results based on wishful thinking only; we need to act on it. We have to have positive outlook in the result, but 90% of the process is the time we dedicate ourselves to our goals. 
Yes, daydream and put that energy into the world, your day, your tasks, but make sure you are also taking steps towards it. Once again, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

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[...Relax. Take it Easy.]

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