Friday, August 31, 2018


Hey Omaha!
What the O! is happening?

So after a while, I am pushing myself to continue blogging. I used to be worried that the blog did not make sense or was not arranged properly, but I am not a professional yet and I am always evolving so why keep myself tied to a category and form or blogging. So I am back with one post you can find under the 'One Day at The Time' tab, or by following this link. This post tells you a story about living in the present. I hope you like!

I also wrote my first post under Picks of the Week' which you can directly go by clicking here and read what I have to say about Troye Sivan's underage hook ups with older men. And of course, I'm giving you my recommendations for the weekend on subjects as music and television. Check it out!


In the meant time, if you wanna waste some time, here's a video that I've recently updated to my main channel via this amazing new app I found and will be using more often. I don't know the name of this Qween, but I've seen her a couple of times, and she's amazing! Enjoy!

I'll be updating more stuff on the YouTube channel so be on the lookout, from reviews and interviews, to more shows. Please support! Check out my social media (posted on the right side of the screen) for more content. Thanks guys!


Picks #1

Hey Omaha!
This is the first post I add to this Label. I hope you like my picks for the week. 
It'll be up every Friday so you have some options for the weekend, in case you are having a well deserved night in. 

Spanish, but dubbed audio for English speakers.
Prestigious well off Mexican family trying to keep appearances in a (ironically) judgmental society. Matriarch Virginia cleaning up her children's mess, along with her cheating husband's issues. 
Very a-la-Desperate-Housewives

ROOM by Emma Donoghue
A young woman abducted and kept captive for years comes back to reality with a child.

Based on the book, you can now see the struggle of the young woman and child while adjusting to Life.

BLOOM (2018) by Troye Sivan
Recently dropped and already being considered the best pop album of the year. 
I had listened to his singles leading to the album and I started digging it. The whole album does not disappoint. Recommended if you're looking for a soft pop music to listen to while driving in traffic.

And speaking of Troye, let's talk about a controversial article on Queerty in which he spoke of lying about his age on Grindr to hook up with older men. This is our HOT TOPIC of the week. With all this #MeToo ordeal, Troye's 'casual' conversation made me think of so many issues that things like that can cause. Now, by no means I insinuate support (or any of the sort) for child molestation, but when a 24-year-old man gets himself caught with an underage hook up thinking them of age, that's a life-changing mistake that they possibly did not intend to make. I am not defending the cause, as there are several ways to avoid this, and more than anything, there are people out there exclusively seeking children (shudder in disgust). All I'm saying is, there are teenagers out there that go to extremes as getting fake IDs to get into places and meet up with people they shouldn't be and have no business meeting. These girls caked on make up and troublesome. These gay boys chasing the daddy/DILF type. How can we keep our youth from going this route? How can we keep them safe and educated? I know most of you are going to say that they should be raised better by their parents, but in the end of the day, teens nowadays are going to do as they please when there's no parental supervision. They have the last say. 

Men are not going to be asking for ID to prove their hook-up's age. But I guess that if the adult has an idea of the situation, and still does not decline and walk away, then they do deserve what's coming getting caught. 
What are your thoughts, people? 

Life's what YOU make it.

"You can test the water, you might as well jump in;
We all know where we’ll end up, might as well begin.

Memories you're making, frame inside in your heart;
In the middle of a nowhere is a somewhere you can start."

                      -Graham Colton-

Let's live in the present. I used to live in the future by living off only what my calendar had for me to do,and the clock in my car always fifteen minutes ahead so I would be on time to wherever I need to be at. That's not healthy. I live always anxious and guilty that (once again) i was running late. Now, i'm still anxious because anxiety is part of me, the only difference is, whatever is in my calendar is not longer a TO-DO item, it's become part of my time management. A part of me. And all the clocks match real time!
Y'all know, or should know if you are just getting to know me, that I love listening to podcasts, and I've been listening to Kevin Kruse and I have been following his advise on time blocking. I don't call it 'schedule'. I just add something to achieve, taking ownership, and pride to accomplish. i know, if you're like me with anxiety and depression tendencies, it's hard to push yourself to do extrovert shit, but YOU MUST!We have several people in the screens fighting for several reasons: Dan Reynolds, Leo DiCaprio, Anne Hathaway, Lady Gaga, Cher, Brendon Urie, Will & Grace cast, The Fosters cast, America Ferrera, Jennifer Lopez, etc. So you have to fight for yourself day by day. It's hard, I know, but if you live one day at the time, the present is yours to take. Breathe.

Also, stop living bucket lists and start doing! Do you need money to do that thing you've been wanting to do? Then keep working harder and meet that 'Time Block' you have coming up. Remember, YOLO.

Story behind the picture above: a few friends and I went to an Escape Room. We did something like Area 51. it was fun, I felt like an idiot, not being able to add any input, but the purpose was to get out there and put myself through it. Expose myself. Besides, this group is pretty chill and I enjoy their company. We ended up having dinner afterwards and talking for HOURS! even though they just had met. Yes, I have friends of all places and I love when they meet each other and we are able to have fun like this. When situations like this happen, it was worth every minute that i dreaded leaving my house to meet them. Think about the people that love you! They want to see you happy. Stay positive.

[...Relax. Take it Easy.]