Friday, August 31, 2018


Hey Omaha!
What the O! is happening?

So after a while, I am pushing myself to continue blogging. I used to be worried that the blog did not make sense or was not arranged properly, but I am not a professional yet and I am always evolving so why keep myself tied to a category and form or blogging. So I am back with one post you can find under the 'One Day at The Time' tab, or by following this link. This post tells you a story about living in the present. I hope you like!

I also wrote my first post under Picks of the Week' which you can directly go by clicking here and read what I have to say about Troye Sivan's underage hook ups with older men. And of course, I'm giving you my recommendations for the weekend on subjects as music and television. Check it out!


In the meant time, if you wanna waste some time, here's a video that I've recently updated to my main channel via this amazing new app I found and will be using more often. I don't know the name of this Qween, but I've seen her a couple of times, and she's amazing! Enjoy!

I'll be updating more stuff on the YouTube channel so be on the lookout, from reviews and interviews, to more shows. Please support! Check out my social media (posted on the right side of the screen) for more content. Thanks guys!


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