Friday, August 31, 2018

Picks #1

Hey Omaha!
This is the first post I add to this Label. I hope you like my picks for the week. 
It'll be up every Friday so you have some options for the weekend, in case you are having a well deserved night in. 

Spanish, but dubbed audio for English speakers.
Prestigious well off Mexican family trying to keep appearances in a (ironically) judgmental society. Matriarch Virginia cleaning up her children's mess, along with her cheating husband's issues. 
Very a-la-Desperate-Housewives

ROOM by Emma Donoghue
A young woman abducted and kept captive for years comes back to reality with a child.

Based on the book, you can now see the struggle of the young woman and child while adjusting to Life.

BLOOM (2018) by Troye Sivan
Recently dropped and already being considered the best pop album of the year. 
I had listened to his singles leading to the album and I started digging it. The whole album does not disappoint. Recommended if you're looking for a soft pop music to listen to while driving in traffic.

And speaking of Troye, let's talk about a controversial article on Queerty in which he spoke of lying about his age on Grindr to hook up with older men. This is our HOT TOPIC of the week. With all this #MeToo ordeal, Troye's 'casual' conversation made me think of so many issues that things like that can cause. Now, by no means I insinuate support (or any of the sort) for child molestation, but when a 24-year-old man gets himself caught with an underage hook up thinking them of age, that's a life-changing mistake that they possibly did not intend to make. I am not defending the cause, as there are several ways to avoid this, and more than anything, there are people out there exclusively seeking children (shudder in disgust). All I'm saying is, there are teenagers out there that go to extremes as getting fake IDs to get into places and meet up with people they shouldn't be and have no business meeting. These girls caked on make up and troublesome. These gay boys chasing the daddy/DILF type. How can we keep our youth from going this route? How can we keep them safe and educated? I know most of you are going to say that they should be raised better by their parents, but in the end of the day, teens nowadays are going to do as they please when there's no parental supervision. They have the last say. 

Men are not going to be asking for ID to prove their hook-up's age. But I guess that if the adult has an idea of the situation, and still does not decline and walk away, then they do deserve what's coming getting caught. 
What are your thoughts, people? 

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