Wednesday, September 12, 2018


     While I'm still on the high of meeting Calum Scott, I want to write this post regarding sexuality. Before I dig in, please follow this link to know Calum's background. Then come back and continue reading the post.  

Welcome back!

So as Calum was telling the background of his unreleased and most personal song, 'No Matter What', my husband caught on that Calum is gay. This was the theme of our conversation after the show. Should celebrities be open about their sexuality? Will it ruin their career? Fair question. I believe it not necessary, but knowing that a person with such a big platform can bring light to many issues that the LGBTQ community needs help with. We surely have support from heterosexual celebrities from decades (Lady Gaga, Dan Reynolds, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Macklemore, Shawn Mendez, Matt Nathanson, Ann Hathaway, Tori Spelling, Kesha, etc.), but one of us is even greater to know that they're not afraid to put it out there. No, they do not have to flaunt it, make a parade of it, but being public kind of 'normalize' it, I feel, and I hate to put it that way. 

 I yearn for the day when coming out is no longer a shocker; when saying, 'Im gay' is no longer necessary; when kids can talk about their significant others without using THEY as pronoun to avoid the S/HE. We have come a long way for sure and it gets better. So if you are in a safe place, help others be comfortable with themselves. We have enough hatred from other people, do not bully your own brother/sister that's still in the closet. You know, or luckily may not know, what it's like to be there.

Now, to end this post in a lighter note, allow me to tell you my Meet & Greet experience with Calum. I brought a sign for me to wave at him as he sang the cover that made him famous and won his the golden buzzer. But you know, my paranoia, anxiety, fear, I did not wave it out in the open. I kept it folded. He was only singing a few songs so I put my phone down and I enjoyed of the rest of his performance. It was magical. The audience responded to him, even though his style is way different than Echosmith or Pentatonix whom played after him.
So after his performance, I followed instructions and waited at a post until his manager came to get the group. I was super nervous and couldn't keep from shaking. Then, there he was, standing right in front of us, waving hello, opening his arms for cuddles, as he had mentioned in his Instagram stories. I told him about my failed attempt with the sign, he loved it and asked his manager to take a picture with his phone!!! He was amazing. He also signed the notebook that I bought off his website. And of course, we go our signed poster of the tour. And more hugs. Manager and Calum were very accessible and great sports.

I recommend his album ONLY HUMAN for you to look it up and listen to it through and through. Ballads about heartbreak, but more than anything, about love. One fact about his songs, there are no pronouns so anyone can sing and relate to them. Of course, except those songs that talk about friendship and his parents. This is something that I find unique because as of right now, Calum and Shawn Mendez are the only ones doing this. It eases my soul to know there are people out there like them two.

With this being said, remember to [...Relax. Take it Easy.]

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