Sunday, September 9, 2018

Pick #2

Hey Omaha!
This weekend I dropped the ball and I didn't blog in a Friday, like I said I was going to start doing. I just got busy with Life which is always a good reason to stay away from the internet and social media. Anyway, I had a date night with the husband and it was amazing. For anyone first time visiting this blog, yes, I am a Homo; the content of this website is not about me being gay, but it will come up here and there. The theme of my website is to be ok with who you are, live and let live, and be happy. As my signature on each post says, [...Relax. Take it Easy.]

Anyway. I know it's late today, but if you have days off or time off, here are my recommendations:

INSATIABLE, on Netflix.
A teenager that used to be fat, now in the road to beauty pageants as a weird way to get back at the people that used to make fun of her. Witty, clever, and dramatic. A great combo a-la-Ugly-Betty. Alissa Milano, the most well known star in the cast, plays the wife of the beauty coach, trying to keep her socialite status.

The Time Keeper, by Mitch Albom.
Three different stories told individually until the few chapters where their story lines come together. A book that makes you think about appreciating the time that you have been given with life. The amazing inspiration from the author of 'Five Minutes in Heaven'.

Starring my idol Audrey Hepburn as a innocent bookkeeper turned model. Just an easy mindless movie to watch and relax. it is a musical so beware!

T1, by Tatianna.
Rupaul's Drag Race alumni, and an All-Star-3 robbed cast member, Tatianna drops her full length debut album following the step of Adore Delano who broke the mold of music that drag queens tend to make and landed #3 in the Billboard Dance/Electronic list with her debut 'Til Death Do Us Party'. Tatianna, on the hand, brings us Ciara realness. If you were to listen to her lead single "Cya" on the radio, you would think it's a new breakout artist which she is. Tatianna is bringing it and you need to listen to the album. I recommend 'I know' and 'Never Be' to listen on repeat. Available on Spotify, but buy the album and support my girl Tati. "Thank you" (inside joke; you'll get it if you look up Tatianna's career as a drag queen. Just do it.

Alright, peeps. That's all I got for you. Check out my recommendations and let me know what you think!


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